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TD Ameritrade is in stock trading business since 1975, and allows you to choose between 13,000 stocks, CDs, bonds and mutual funds. Their collection of trading tools and information concerning third-party investment has always been appreciated.

The control panel of TD Ameritrade bears all information and tools that are essential for selling and buying securities and for planning investment strategies. This company is respected for its profound knowledge in investments e.g. fixed income investments and bonds. All serious investors can make good use of their quality tools in achieving more returns out of financial markets. In case you’re seeking a second opinion, you may consult with their seasoned professionals regarding investment pros and cons. TD Ameritrade is certainly one of the top companies with multiple features and investment options.

Commissions & Fees
For option, limit and market a trade, a flat rate of $9.99 is being charged by TD Ameritrade. For each options contract they would only charge a fee worth $0.75 in addition.

For trades the base rate is quite good with this service. You’ll also have an option to use their interactive voice response service.

The minimum amount of initial investment is worth $2,000 which is quite a standard investment.

Types of Investments
TD Ameritrade is a leader in the stock-trading business. They will show you through an option to all types of trade. Trading in basics e.g. exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, options and stocks become a lot easier. The fixed income investments that they offer include UITs (Unit Investment Trusts), Certificates of deposit (CDs), securities backed by mortgages (GNMAs), different bonds, Agency and Treasury issues. Pink sheet securities and OTCBB trading are also being supported by them.

This online brokerage provides you with various options like Roth IRAs, IRAs, custodial accounts, Coverdell ESAs as well as 529 plans for pursuing higher education.


  • A couple of mobile apps provided through known mobile platforms
  • Identifying fixed income products with the help of calculators
  • Achieve the right bonds with the help of advanced tools
  • Seeking past reports through CNBC archives and linking to fresh video news
  • Improving skills at a virtual trading platform
  • Accessing Standard and Poor’s expert articles
  • A variety of investments to diversify your profile
  • Compatibility with Linux, Mac or Windows
  • You may get in touch with them through instant chat, email or phone

Investing & Trading Tools
The control panel borne by TD Ameritrade is a rare trading platform which is so organized. Your style of trading fits in well when you customize. For improving your existing trading strategies, developing them and spotting market opportunities, you may use their innovative information and tools.

A few good educational materials are also being provided by this service e.g. seminars, articles and more. You may plan different stages of your life (e.g. retirement and higher education) with the help of their calculators and planning tools. You may also avail the streaming news and level II quote offered by TD Ameritrade. All of these additional services are wireless compatible. Any phone which supports data service (e.g. iPhone or smart phone) or Blackberry phones will allow you to access your account.

TD Ameritrade bears different domestic stock opportunities. Their command center is entirely customizable and is quite easy to use. You’ll gain access to some charting and research tools which are simple.

They would provide you with excellent retirement options as they lay stress on fixed income investments. In addition, they would also provide you with various other investment options to make things easier for you.

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