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ShareBuilder doesn’t require you to maintain a minimum balance, and offers a fee and pricing structure which is simple to understand. Establishing scheduled investment purchases that are recurring in nature become easier with ShareBuilder stock trading online service. With this broker, you may automatically invest a small amount in a specific mutual fund.

ING Direct, the most popular online bank in U.S. is responsible for establishing an online trading platform like ShareBuilder. The primary objective of this concern is to make things easier for the casual or fresh investors who’re considering stock market investment options. Executing complex strategies and trades have become easier as the investors now have access to more advanced tools. For the fresh investors, ShareBuilder has established an excellent option for opening accounts easily through the use of a simple and clean interface.

Commissions & Fees
Market trades are being offered by ShareBuilder for a mere $4 of each trade (while joining a ShareBuilder plan). You’ll only need to bear $9.95 for optional, market and limit trades.

Types of Investments
Exchange-traded funds, options, mutual funds and stocks are being offered by this online brokerage. Investment purchases that are recurring scheduled are easier to set up. This certainly helps you to keep aside money for further investments and for a steady wealth building. This great feature allows you to set investment automatically every week or month as per your choice.


  • An account can be opened with your desired amount
  • Expert guidance for retirement saving and planning
  • Reduced prices for members of advantage programs
  • Account requirements to be fulfilled with a combined banking arm
  • Web-based applications that work well on most browsers

Online brokers who’re highly rated offer pretty many practical features that help your investment decisions. ShareBuilder is one of them. They will show you through a number of tutorials and topics. You may get in touch with them Mon-Fri, 8am – 9pm (Eastern Standard Time) through telephone or email.

Investing & Trading Tools
There are many research tools that ShareBuilder has to offer e.g. strategy reports, watch lists, stock search tools based on criteria etc. Apart from EFT finders, options calculators, and “Market Movers” report, they would also provide you with an interesting tool that guides you through historic prices that reflect risks that you’d need to cope with in case you’d have invested.

The fee schedule of ShareBuilder is quite easy to follow, and this basic online service is quite decent. You’re bound to like automatic trade option (four dollar one). It is really worth giving a try if you’re beginning to try out things in this world of investment- after all, you don’t have to possess any specific knowledge or pay anything upfront for opening your trading account.

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