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Service Review
Firstrade is a stock trading service which supports both the serious as well as the casual investor. Their commission schedule is quite straightforward and impressive. They are quite experienced as web-brokers and charge the least amount for each trade. Alongside quality tools they’d always ensure quality service at all levels. Their research tools would help you figure out stocks that don’t match your portfolio and filter them out.

Commissions & Fees
For each limit or market trade a cool flat-rate of $6.95 is being offered by Firstrade. For option trades they would offer $6.95 and an additional $.075 for each contract. The touch tone phone orders are priced at $16.95.

Types of Investments
Firstrade has some quality exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, options and stocks in offer. Apart from the AMEX and NYSE listed stocks, they would also offer stocks listed on OTC markets (Over-the-counter) e.g. Pink Sheets or OTC Bulletin Board and the NASDAQ stock market. You’ll gain a great opportunity to choose from 10,000 fixed income investments and mutual fund. These include Agency Bonds, CDs, Treasuries, Municipal or Corporate Bonds.

You’ll really find it easy and simple to understand the trading platform that Firstrade has provided. Alongside a few market news shortcuts, they will provide you with tabs that are quite easy to follow.

  • You can improve your market strategies with the help of educational material that they provide in their library.
  • You may open an account without any minimum deposit.
  • Great customer service through online chat (live) or phone.
  • Browser-compatible tools based on the web.
  • Web-based applications that make execution of complex strategies fairly easy.
  • Expert planning guides for retirement and investment schemes.
  • Easy accessibility to Standard and Poor’s stock and research commentary.

Investing & Trading Tools
A few advanced investment tools are being provided by this stock-trading online service. This includes X-Stream which helps you monitor a score of portfolios and streaming news, Standard and Poor’s stock research, and your chosen stocks. To make things more convenient, they would provide you with information concerning transactions with the same compatibility as that of Microsoft Money and Quicken.

The knowledge center that Firstrade has will show you through a preferred reading list, a glossary, FAQs section, investment guides and tax information. They would also support you with a trader forum, publish newsletters and host a blog.

They’re certainly the best option for new traders who bear lower deposits. These traders would only need to bear a predictable and low trade fee and wouldn’t need any minimum. Being a service assisted by brokers, they’d allow you to call up a professional and get the trade executed on your behalf. You’re likely to experience some of the best customer service of your times while interacting with their reps.

Their website shows you through tabs and categories that are well-labeled and easy to navigate. You’ll never face any difficult in accessing your desired information. You may contact the customer service reps through live chat, email or telephone regarding your trading or service queries.

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